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Quench Your Thirst All Summer Long with Thirsty Thursdays at BARE

This summer, BARE is excited to announce our Thirsty Thursday promotion, happening every week at all of our locations. From now until the end of this season, you can enjoy our delicious fresh pressed juice and mixers at special discounted prices.

On Thirsty Thursdays, all of our fresh pressed juice and bottled juices will be just $6. This sweet deal is available in store and online and you can enjoy it at all of our locations. Order your $6 juice online today. To make Thursday Thursday even more fun, we will also be selling our margarita mixers and mocktails in store for just $10. You can stop by BARE every Thursday this summer and stock up with all our healthy mixers to make your weekend extra fun. Find a location near you now and head over to pack your weekend with healthy and delicious mixers from BARE.

As always,...


Welcome to the sun-soaked days of summer! Bare Blends is thrilled to bring back our tradition of celebrating this vibrant season with a menu that’s as refreshing as it is delightful. From June 1st until August 31st, indulge in our latest collection of ice cream and milkshake-inspired offerings that promise both health and happiness in every spoonful.

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If you're looking for a quick, healthy, and delicious breakfast option in the Latham or Albany areas, you'll want to check out the new vegan breakfast menu at BARE Blends. Our local smoothie and juice bar has stepped up it's breakfast game and expanded offerings to include a variety of plant-based breakfast sandwiches and refreshing cold brew coffees.

Our new vegan breakfast sandwich lineup features a "Just Egg" patty, dairy-free cheese and a variety of fresh vegetables and delicious toppings, all served on a gluten-free bread. Customers can choose from three popular flavors including Sweet & Spicy Egg and Cheese, Maple Sweet Potato, or Pesto!

These sandwiches provide a satisfying and nutritious start to the day, packed with protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. And for those looking to pair their breakfast with a beverage, BARE Blends now offers smooth and refreshing cold brew coffee, made from high-quality beans and served over ice. These...


This May, BARE Blends has deals and celebrations that you won’t want to miss. Read on to learn more about what delicious deals are coming up!

Bare Blends Strawberry Cheesecake bowl

Welcome to the freshest edition of BARE Blends' monthly highlights! As April unfolds, join us on a journey of flavor, wellness, and community as we celebrate the season with nourishing delights and irresistible treats.

strawberry dream smoothie

On April 8th, 2024, New York State will witness a celestial spectacle as a partial solar eclipse graces the skies. This rare event is sure to captivate sky gazers and astronomy enthusiasts alike. As the moon passes between the sun and Earth, creating a mesmerizing display, many will be looking up in wonder.

To celebrate this unique occasion, BARE Blends is offering an irresistible promotion at all our New York stores. On April 8th only, customers can indulge in the delectable Sunshine State smoothie for just $6. This refreshing blend is not only a treat for your taste buds but also caters to health-conscious individuals as it is gluten-free, vegan and packed with healthy and delicious ingredients.

The Sunshine State smoothie at BARE Blends embodies the essence of sunshine with its vibrant flavors, beautiful color and nourishing ingredients. Packed with raspberry, pineapple, orange, mango and all your other summer favorite fruits, this smoothie is...

tasty tulip bowl

Welcome, smoothie lovers, to another month of exciting flavors and updates at BARE Blends!

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Indulge in a delightful treat at BARE Blends this spring with our special Waffle Wednesday promotion! For just $6, you can enjoy two mouthwatering mini waffles with any purchase. Whether you prefer savory or sweet options, BARE has got you covered with these delicious waffles.

Our waffle toasties are a unique solution to the traditional avocado toast. We wanted to be unique and delicious so we created mini waffles that are just about the size of silver dollar pancakes. We load them with toppings and serve them in four flavors. The savory options include Original Avocado (our play on Avocado Toast) or Taco Toasties. The sweet waffle options include OG Chocolate Chip or Banana Nut! Both of these are served with 2 mini waffles in a serving and it is the perfect add-on to whatever else you order on our menu to help fill you up and fuel you with the healthiest stuff on earth. What makes this deal even sweeter is that these waffles are not only gluten-free but also vegan, plant-based, dairy-free and ridiculously delicious. Just like...

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Welcome to February at BARE Blends! It's a month brimming with love, health, and exciting new specials that we can't wait to share with you.

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At BARE Blends, we believe in the power of nutritious food to restore, refresh, and revive our community. As we spend more time at home, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize a healthy diet. In this blog post, we will share valuable tips on making healthy eating easier and highlight how our BARE Unblended Smoothies can play a significant role in achieving this goal. Read on to learn more and place your order today!

Find a BARE Blends Location Near You

Top view of healthy salad bowl

BARE Blends is your trusted smoothie bar on the journey to health and wellness. Are you ready to transform your resolutions into realities? BARE Blends has got you covered! With our macro-focused "Resolutions Menu," a new and improved website, irresistible seasonal sales, convenient delivery options, and an upcoming store opening, we are here to make health and wellness easier and more enjoyable for you.


It's a milestone that calls for celebration! BARE Blends recently marked its 5-year anniversary, and we couldn't be more grateful for the incredible journey we've had so far. To commemorate this special occasion, we are delighted to share some exciting announcements, exclusive savings, and new features that will make your BARE Blends experience even better!

5 days of deals for 5 years.jpg

Help us celebrate this special milestone with five days of savings across all our stores. Join us in the festivities as we bring you 5 consecutive days of fantastic deals and surprises. The fun starts on December 4th:

-Dec 4: Indulge in our delightful Birthday Bowl for just $10, packed with nourishing ingredients to kickstart your day. This bowl is available for one day only and costs just $10 so don't miss it!

-Dec 5: Enjoy a whopping 25% off any retail items in our stores. That's right, clothing, candles, bliss balls, juice, snacks and more - 25% off all day long.

-Dec 6: In honor of our "Waffle Wednesday" tradition at our very first location in 2019, we're offering an incredible 50% discount on ALL waffles. Treat yourself to a delicious and wholesome meal for half the price.

-Dec 7: One lucky visitor at each store will win a $25 gift card if they dine with us on December 7. The 25th person to place an order for each location in our online store or mobile app will be selected to receive...

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The holiday season is officially upon us, and at BARE Blends, we are thrilled to announce some exciting updates to make this festive season even more delightful for you. Get ready because we have a lot in store for you!

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As the temperature begins to dip and the days grow shorter, it becomes even more crucial to prioritize our health and well-being. At BARE Blends, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle all year round. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy as we move into the colder months, plus the latest BARE Blends news!

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We're thrilled to share some exciting updates with you. Read on to learn more and join us for a delightful journey of wellness and deliciousness!

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There’s a lot to love about this time of year — and BARE Blends is excited to share more quality ingredients and unique blends with people who want to put their health and wellness goals first!

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Summer is not just a season; it’s the feeling of bliss, warmth, and joy that comes along with it. At Bare Blends, we believe that these feelings can be heightened with nourishing and delightful meals and beverages. That's why we've launched our new summer menu and cold-pressed juice cleanses—so you can savor the first day of summer with our refreshing and fulfilling blends. Visit one of our stores now to get your hands on our new summer menu and cleanses.

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May has arrived, and we have a lot to celebrate at BARE Blends! From Cinco De Mayo to Mother's Day celebrations, we have all the treats and drinks to make your month unforgettable.


Spring is nearly upon us, and what better way to kick off the new season than with some healthy habits? At BARE Blends, we believe that health and wellness are two of the most important things in life. That’s why we offer superfood smoothies, healthy juices, and other healthy shakes and drinks so you can feel healthy and vibrant! Learn more about what we have to offer this spring and order online or stop by one of our locations!

MAT_9098-2 %282%29.jpg

At BARE Blends, our mission has always been to restore, refresh and revive the community by encouraging a return to our roots: by celebrating local produce, plant-based products and one another. As we head into a brand new year, we are even more committed to bringing healthy and delicious whole foods to our community. We know how hard it is to make good decisions and prioritize wellness and we want you to know we are here to make it easier for you. We have amazing franchises already open with more coming soon and we are ready to improve your life, one smoothie at a time.

When it comes to eating more mindfully, cleansing, trying a plant-based lifestyle, incorporating more whole foods into your diet or starting with something as simple as meatless Monday, BARE is here to help you start your journey. For assistance with all of these things (and more!), stop by a BARE location near you or email us back to learn more about how we can support your goals.

  • ...
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If you’re thinking of trying a juice cleanse, then there is no better place to get started than at Bare Blends in New York! We host community cleanses a few times throughout the year! To participate, simply sign up for our newsletter and keep your eye out for the next one! Then you'll purchase your 3-day cleanse from any of our locations and join us on the journey to feeling great!


The holiday season is upon us! While sugar plums and gingerbreads dance in your head, we are giving you quality, nutritious and delicious goodness so you can dance until your heart is content! Our fruit and veggies are always fresh or flash-frozen, giving you the optimal nutrition you deserve. Give your loved ones the gift of mouthwatering, energy-providing superfoods this holiday season with a BARE Blends gift card or gift basket! Buy any gift card online now and enjoy 20% off.

Buy Your Gift Card Online Now

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We're excited to share that the holiday menu at BARE Blends is now available! Our holiday menu is filled with delicious acai bowls and smoothies along with delicious BARE Blends salads. This year we've got something for everyone. From Albany, NY, to Centennial, CO, BARE Blends is here to spread delicious and healthy foods all across the country!

So whether you're looking for a festive treat at a local smoothie bar or a healthy snack, be sure to order from the holiday menu at BARE Blends before they're gone!

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We’re always active at BARE Blends, which means it can be hard to stay up to date with our latest endeavors into the world of tasty and nutritious superfoods. But fret not! Today we’re here to catch you up on the hottest happenings at BARE Blends, so you can walk into your nearest smoothie bar like a seasoned pro. Whether you’re curious about trending acai bowl ingredients or ongoing specials, our wellness experts have you covered!


Like so many people, BARE Blends, a local smoothie bar, is super excited that fall is here! We are celebrating with our fall menu designed with fall colors and flavors in mind. We've chosen fall harvest vegetables, which we source from local farms in order to bring you delectable, fresh, and wholesome fall food and drinks you'll love. See what our fall menu has to offer, and stop by a BARE Blends near you today!

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BARE Blends is an organic, cold-pressed juice company that believes in the power of whole foods and a healthy lifestyle. We're excited to announce the launch of our new BARE Blends App, which rewards you for your healthy eating habits. Keep reading to find out more!


Summer is officially here, and that means longer days, outdoor activities, and lots of sun! However, it's important to remember that during summertime, we need to drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy foods in order to stay hydrated and energized. That’s why BARE Blends is pleased to offer an exciting summer menu full of fresh smoothies, organic salads, and more! Read on to learn why it’s important to stay hydrated and eat healthily, then visit a BARE Blends near you!

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Looking for a healthy and refreshing summer menu? Look no further than Bare Blends! Our smoothie bar offers acai bowls and healthy shakes that are perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day. Our menu is packed with nutritious ingredients that will help you stay energized throughout the day. Stop by our store today and try one of our delicious summer smoothies!

Hero %2812%29.jpg

No matter the event, the food and drinks that you cater can make or break your experience and the experience of your guests! At BARE Blends, we provide some of the most delicious and healthy catering options near you. No matter the occasion, we’ve got something everyone will enjoy. Here are some of the amazing options to choose from when you plan your event with BARE Blends. Reach out to us today to get your event rolling!

Hero %287%29.jpg

a great time to start gearing up with BARE Blends. All of our foods are 100% plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, and designed with you in mind. We make it easy for you to reach your wellness goals this summer with all of our superfood-based smoothies and bowls. Check out our locations and their menus to find your next favorite wellness routine!

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It's a busy month at BARE Blends as we celebrate International Women's Month! Throughout the month of March, we want to recognize the inspirational and amazing women in our community. Keep reading to learn how you can help us do just that. But, first, check out our Spring Menu!

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Are you still deciding on the perfect goal for this new year? Consider making it your resolution to love yourself more and take better care of your health and wellbeing. People often forget the importance of self-care. At BARE Blends, we want to help you find little ways to honor yourself this month and show yourself some love for Valentine's Day. Satisfy cravings with healthy treats, fuel your body with superfoods and more thanks to your friends at BARE! Stop by and grab the goodies for yourself all month long!

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Are you excited to ring in 2022? We are too! The new year is always a great time for a fresh start where your health and wellness is concerned. If you’re looking for a way to revamp your wellness routine in the new year by focusing on eating right, creating healthy food habits, and fueling your body with proper nutrition so you can feel your best, then BARE Blends has a brand new menu to help you achieve your goals. Keep reading to learn more about our new wellness menu for the new year. Stop by and see us for the tastiest bowls, smoothies, and more, all packed with incredible flavors and the good stuff your body craves.


Our Spring Specials have arrived and they are as tasty and nutritious as they are beautiful. We will have you welcoming the sunshine and refreshing n a warm day with our light, sweet and healthy smoothies and bowls.

Learn more about our new flavors below and order them soon in store or online.


Our 2021 Summer smoothies and smoothie bowls have arrived. They are as delicious as they look and we can't wait for you to try them all. Summer seasonal flavors are available for a limited time at all locations so hurry in to grab yours today.


Spoil mom (or yourself) with our tasty Mother's Day treats. We have chocolate truffles, muffins, and brownies, all blended up in store and designed to be as nutritious as they are delicious. As usual, everything we make is plant based, gluten free and created using whole foods. Learn more about the options below!


Treat your loved ones to the gift of gluten-free vegan desserts this Valentine's Day. Select from a variety of delectable offerings featured below. All items are now available for preorder on our online ordering site.

Please note that all items will be prepared for pick up on 2/13/21 from 7am-7pm at our Stuyvesant Plaza location regardless of what your order confirmation tells you.


Give the gift of BARE this holiday season and take advantage of our simple and affordable gift offerings available in store or online. Purchase BARE gift cards in store or online, entertain with our new fresh pressed juice mixers, spoil your loved one or yourself with raw vegan treats and more! Most importantly, take time to focus on your wellness this holiday season with regular trips to BARE.

Gift Card Specials:

Spend $50 in gift cards and receive 1 free smoothie

Spend $75 in gift cards and receive 1 free smoothie bowl

Spend $100 in gift cards and receive 1 free BARE shirt of your choice

Other Promotions for November 25th-December 25th:

Purchase 5 smoothie bowls at one time and receive a $10 gift card

10% off juice cleanse when you order online using promo code:...


Enjoy special flavors, deals, and treats at BARE this Valentine's Day! From now until February 14th try our limited edition Chocolate Covered Strawberry bowl and our Sweet Tart Smoothie, pre-order vegan treats or purchase a gift card for someone special, and enjoy special discounts with loved ones.

Purchase gift cards in store or online.

Join us February 12-14th for BOGO 1/2 off smoothie bowls when you enjoy BARE with your special someone. Use the promo code BARELOVE when you order online.


Try our winter flavors available in store or online now until January


Peppermint Mocha: Base- cauliflower, cacao powder, coffee, mint, chocolate protein, almond milk.

Toppings- vegan chocolate hazelnut spread, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, strawberries, chocolate probiotic granola

Cannoli Cake: Cauliflower, vegan cream cheese, nutritional yeast, vanilla protein, carob chips, agave, alone milk.

Toppings- plain granola, strawberries, coconut shreds, carob chips cashew butter

Cranberry Pie: Base- Acai, Strawberry, cranberry, agave, almond milk. Toppings- Plain granola, strawberries, blueberries, dried cranberries, hemp seeds, cashew butter, house made cranberry jam

NEW! Pumpkin Pie: Base-...


Researchers from Oregon State University suggest that consuming nuts can reduce ones risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD) and, contrary to popular belief, do not facilitate weight gain. Data from one study suggested that consuming nuts five times per week reduces risk of mortality from CHD by 48%. Similarly, another study that monitored 4,136 women (30-55 years) for 26 years found that those who ate an average of 2.8 servings of nuts per week had 32% lower risk of CHD when compared to those who did not. Although nuts are typically higher in fat than other plants, researchers suggest that these tiny nutrient dense plants are packed with healthy fats that can decrease your risk of developing heart disease and mortality from CHD.

Additionally, epidemiological data published by Oregon with reference to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey...


The Washington Post suggests that diets plentiful in fruits and vegetables may help reduce one's risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Data from two cohort studies focusing on the consumption of plant based foods and how they relate to the development of diabetes suggest these findings to be true.

In one study mentioned in the article, experts monitored 22,000 participants for two years and evaluated individual fruit and vegetable intake by assessing plasma levels of vitamin C. They determined how these levels relate to the development of type 2 diabetes and concluded that consuming around 66 grams of fruits and vegetables daily could decrease ones risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25 percent.

In another study, scientists discovered how whole grain consumption...



The China Study states that fiber is essential to maintain good health. Conusming a diet high in fiber is key to avoiding constipation based disease (large, bowl cancer, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids) because fiber acts as a catalyst that moves water along in the body. In addition, dietary fiber is only found in plant foods because the cell wall of plants is broken down into small carbohydrate molecules that are not fully digested. Therefore, fiber creates a sense of fullness and minimizes the overconsumption of calories. In terms of Iron intake, there is no impaired iron absorption in the blood. In fact, iron in the blood increases with higher fiber diets. Overall it is necessary to consume fiber to decrease the risk of large bowl cancers. It is advised based on research from the China Study that it is recommended to consume about 33 grams of fiber a day. From overnight oats to immunity juice BARE Blends has a long list of fibrous foods to choose from to fuel your body.


Campbell, T. C., & Campbell, T. M. (2017)....


Fall is in full swing at BARE and we're excited to share our specialty seasonal blends with you. Be sure to try the classics including our Apple Cider Donut and Pumpkin Spice Latte bowls and sip on our new smoothies.

In addition to fall themed bowls and smoothies, we also have Pumpkin Spice bliss balls, Pumpkin Spice and Vanilla Cinnamon Overnight Oats, specialty fall coffees and organic quinoa harvest salads in our grab and go fridge and more. View our full fall menu below and stop in to order for pick up or to dine in with us. Order online for curbside pick up, in store pick up or delivery. We look forward to serving you.



Pumpkin Spice Latte Bowl: Blended...


While heart disease is one of the leading causes of premature death in the United States, researchers from Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health suggest that ingredients featured on the BARE Blends menu can help reduce your risk.

In addition to lowering your intake of processed meats and sugar sweetened beverages, experts suggest consuming a substantial amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and seeds -all of which you can find on our menu at BARE.

The study monitored the eating habits of 90,864 women and found that those who adhered to the plant based dietary recommendations had up to a 21% lower risk of developing CVD than those who did not.

Experts emphasize there is no one size fits all diet; healthy ingredients can be combined to meet...


At BARE our mission is to refresh, restore and revive our community by doing our part in making it a better place. As vegans and individuals who care deeply about social justice issues, we cannot ignore current events and we want to do our part to help. We are not experts in this field and we do not plan on filling their shoes. However, we have taken time during these past months to self educate; to listen and to learn and do our part not only to stand against racial injustice, but to be unabashedly anti-racist.

Understanding that these conversations can be difficult, and that there is a lot of work to be done, we had local social workers and counselors put together a list of resources regarding love, empathy, mental health, antiracism and the BLM movement. We wanted to share these for our team and community to use as a starting point. Please feel free to utilize the resources listed below, but don’t allow the internal work to stop there. We encourage you to keep the conversations going and to continually educate yourself on the issues. If you have any questions or would...


Researchers from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst suggest that common food

additive titanium dioxide (E171) disrupts the gut microbiome and can facilitate the development

of various chronic diseases. The chemical is added to white foods such as cheese, mayonnaise, coffee creamer, and sauces to give them a whiter opaque. E171 is currently banned in several countries, and considering the health consequences associated with its consumption, we believe the Unites States should soon follow suit in banning the chemical.

In this study, scientists used a mouse model to identify the negative effects E171 has on both inflammation in the colon and how it correlates to protein expression in the liver. The mice given E171 in their food experienced a decrease in cecal short-chain fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining colon health and reducing inflammation. Researchers found that protein expression in the liver was altered as well, causing a loss of proper liver function. These findings suggest that E171 and similar chemicals can negatively impact bowel and...


BARE's summer flavors have arrived and will be here all summer long. From now until August 31st look forward to enjoying delicious new blends designed to mimic classic ice cream and milkshake flavors.

All blends are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and made with all natural ingredients. Say hello to healthy choices without having to say goodbye to guilty pleasures this summer. Order yours today!


Are you ready to make our specialty coffee and superfood latte blends a part of your regular BARE order? We have recently perfected our recipes, and are excited to share them with you. Order yours today!

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 9.23.01 AM.png

Capital Region Magazine thanks local essential workers fighting on the front line of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to extend a special thank you to the editors for including us on the cover. We will continue to put the needs of our customers ahead of our own, and are confident that we will get through this together! We are still here for you, and always will be.

Click here to read the full issue.


This past weekend, the BARE team volunteered at the South End's Children's Cafe in downtown Albany, and donated free nutrient dense smoothies to the children of the local community.

Bare Blends dispersed over 100 free smoothies while maintaining social distancing guidelines. We are thankful for the opportunity to provide healthy and delicious products to the local children, and look forward to serving our community in any way we can in the future, especially during this difficult time.

For more information about the South End's Children's Cafe and how you can help click here.


This year, BARE put together a special package to help you celebrate mom from the safety and comfort of your home. Choose from the following options and preorder your Mothers Day package online at for curbside pick up or delivery as early as Friday May 8th.


Enjoy your favorite BARE Smoothies from the comfort of your home! All you need is a blender and your favorite plant milk, we'll take care of the rest.

Choose from a variety of your favorite smoothies, specifically crafted to positively impact your health. Order up to 5-10 unblended smoothies at a time for pick up or delivery, and keep them cold in the freezer until you're ready to enjoy.

In addition to the unblended smoothies, you will also receive cups, lids, straws, and directions for blending.

Place your order online by selecting the store of your choice on our app or website and then visiting the bulk orders section.


Updates effective JUNE 1st in BOLD

To our beloved customers,

We are collectively dealing with the new realities of the coronavirus pandemic and are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. All New York eating establishments have been mandated to close their dining rooms and limit their customers. We will be temporarily adhering to these new requirements in order to limit the spread of this virus.

UPDATE: We will be returning to regular hours starting June 1st.

Monday-Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8am-3pm

To ensure the health of our community, we have increased the intensity of our already extensive cleaning protocol. High touch areas in the cafe will be sanitized every 30 minutes, and all employees will continue to wear proper PPE.

As per the Governor's mandates regarding face masks, we would like to ensure our community that our staff will be wearing masks at all times effective 4/16/20....


Did you know that Americans discard 300 million tons of plastic each year? That's right. In an effort to continue to reduce our carbon foot print and promote environmental sustainability, BARE is now retailing reusable cups. Available in blue, purple, gray, and transparent colors, we have a cup for everyone.

For a limited time purchase a BARE reusable cup for $15.99 and receive a free smoothie of your choice. Each time you do your part and reuse your cup, you will receive $0.20 off your purchase.

Thank you for helping us do our part in saving the world.


Looking to boost your immune system? Dr. Linda White from Stamford University offers a multitude of ways you can increase immunity and help your body fight illness. Click here to read the full article.


Visitors from The Daily Gazette share their first experience at BARE. They discuss how our bowls are delicious and nutritious, and very appealing and satisfying even during the colder months. Click here to read the full article.


We are overjoyed to hear about the wonderful news from Capital Hill today regarding the passing of a bill that will allow hospitals to facilitate healthy eating habits. Bill A04072 requires all hospitals to serve at least one plant based meal option to patients. To read the full article click here


Did you know that consuming soluble fiber can help reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity? Data suggests that consuming cereal grains such as oats, and barley can aid in weight-loss, even more so than consumption of fruits and vegetables alone. Researchers from the Journal of Nutrition share their thoughts about why you should look to incorporate more soluble fiber into your diet. To read the full article click here.


Did you know that we serve 100% gluten free vegan waffles every Wednesday evening from 4pm-7pm? That's right! Join us Wednesday nights as we share our sweet and savory waffle creations with you. Not sure what flavor to expect? No worries! Listed below are the upcoming flavors for the entire month so you always know what to expect. See you there!


6/5: Avocado toast waffles with roasted savory chickpeas

6/12: Banana waffles with almond butter and toasted coconut

6/19: White bean and artichoke basil

6/26: Apple cinnamon


January 12 from 9:00-4:30

  • BARE in Stuyvesant Plaza

We are so excited to be hosting our first retreat experience for everyone in January 2019. We have partnered with The Hot Yoga Spot to help you start 2019 in an extra special way. Join us for a day that will focus on growth, happiness and transformation in the new year. This retreat includes yoga, meditation, journaling, nutrition, essential oils, and of course lunch from BARE. Come together as a community to enjoy fun, relaxation and self care.

Click here to sign up.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring yoga mat if you own one,pens, or markers, a notebook or journal, scissors and some magazines.


Previously, researchers suggested that soy may pose adverse effects on health, and therefore should be limited in the diet. However, recent studies suggest the exact opposite. According to an article published by the National Institutes of Health, soy in the diet can help reduce ones risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, prostate and breast cancer due to its high isoflavone concentration. Soy in the diet may also favorably affect renal function, alleviate hot flashes and depressive symptoms, and improve skin health.

Soy, especially fortified soy milk, is an excellent source of vitamin B12, calcium and protein and can be added to any smoothie or bowl at BARE.

To learn more about the benefits of soy click here.


We cannot stress enough how important it is to support small businesses and local agriculture. The more money we spend on local food, the more money we circulate in the local economy; an action that consequently supports everyone, not just major players in the food industry. Currently, we are seeing major consolidation in the farming sector. Since 1996 the number of commercial farming units has dropped from just above 60 thousand to less than 40 thousand by 2007. This results in loss of jobs, promotion of production and consumption of unhealthy processed foods, and an uneven distribution of wealth.

To learn more about the economics of agriculture and the dangers our society will face if we don't start supporting small farms and local businesses, click here.


Holiday Hours

We will have modified hours for the holidays:

12/24/18: 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

12/25/18: Closed

1/1/19: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Today, most food items found in our supermarkets are processed. Our food can travel thousands of miles over the course of a just few days before it reaches the shelves, let alone our mouths. In order to maintain freshness and palatability, chemicals have to be added to the mix during processing. Most of us refer to these chemicals as preservatives, but what exactly are these chemicals, and more importantly, how do they impact our health?

Did you know that if you were to purchase processed meat products free of preservatives and other chemicals, they would appear an eerie brown/gray color? Gross. One particular food additive, sodium nitrite, is added to processed meat products including luncheon meats, bacon and ham as a color enhancer and preservative. Researchers have linked the consumption of sodium nitrite with various types of cancer. Nitrite is therefore now considered to be carcinogenic to humans by The World Health Organization and The International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The meat industry justifies the use of nitrites to prevent the growth of bacteria...


Fast Food Promotes Childhood Obesity on a Global Scale

The fast-food industry has significantly impacted America’s food and beverage trade, and proceeds to dominate on a global scale. According to statistics, the fast-food industry’s net worth is expected to increase from $190 billion to $232 billion by 2020 (McDonalds, 2017). While fast-food is certainly convenient, increasing attention has been drawn to its negative impact on childhood obesity. The reluctance from fast-food companies to provide consumers with adequate nutrition labeling and health warnings contributes to childhood obesity on a global scale. Examples from the Netherlands (Timmermans, 2018), India (Kashyap, 2017), and China (Wang, 2016) regarding the impacts of fast-food on childhood nutrition provide the world with an understanding of how childhood obesity is impacted by the prevalence of fast-food, why fast-food should be a public health concern, and how changes can be made globally.

Today, one out of every six children in the developed world is overweight or obese (Cava,...


The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently shared that the Healthy Kids' Meal Bill was introduced to legislators on Capital Hill. The bill intends to promote change in the restaurant industry by ensuring that kids meals at restaurants come with healthy beverages and not sugary sodas. Currently 74% of the top 50 restaurant chains have not yet stopped bundling soda with kids meals, but there is hope seeing as 26% of them have made the switch.

Unhealthy beverages are one of the leading culprits of diabetes, weight gain, and other health problems. What kids learn today about nutrition helps set the stage for good health for the rest of their lives. To eradicate the obesity epidemic, it is essential for this kind of change to occur.

To learn more about the Healthy Kids' Meal Bill click here. Find out how you can facilitate positive change in childhood nutrition and health by learning more about...


Is sugar addicting? According to researchers from the National Institutes of Health, the answer is YES! Sugar disrupts brain biochemistry and causes neurochemical changes that also occur with addictive drugs. This process happens when sugar is consumed in excess, and does not occur when sugar is consumed from natural sources such as fruit. Click here to learn more about sugar addiction.


Large food companies including Nestlè have proved that their efforts have positively combatted the issue of food insecurity. However, while people are certainly eating more, the global population is still experiencing severe malnutrition, now in the form of over nutrition. The United States was one of the first developed nations negatively impacted by the processed food epidemic, and has proven that consumption of processed food negatively impacts health. Examples from Brazil highlight the benefits and drawbacks of processed food in developing nations. Does the development of chronic disease including diabetes, increasing adiposity, and premature death due to chronic illness outweigh the benefit of food and job security? Read this article from the New York Times to learn more about how big business is getting developing nations hooked on junk food, and the consequences of this action.


Did you know that human food waste amounts to approximately 1.3billion tons of food each year? Food loss is a serious topic that impacts the environment, food security, hunger, food quality and safety, and economic development. At BARE we donate our food waste to local farms to help reduce our carbon footprint, feed animals, and encourage others to do the same. Want to learn more about food waste? Read the articles below to learn more about this topic and how you can make a difference.

NRDC Issue Paper: Wasted

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