Researchers from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst suggest that common food

additive titanium dioxide (E171) disrupts the gut microbiome and can facilitate the development

of various chronic diseases. The chemical is added to white foods such as cheese, mayonnaise, coffee creamer, and sauces to give them a whiter opaque. E171 is currently banned in several countries, and considering the health consequences associated with its consumption, we believe the Unites States should soon follow suit in banning the chemical.

In this study, scientists used a mouse model to identify the negative effects E171 has on both inflammation in the colon and how it correlates to protein expression in the liver. The mice given E171 in their food experienced a decrease in cecal short-chain fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining colon health and reducing inflammation. Researchers found that protein expression in the liver was altered as well, causing a loss of proper liver function. These findings suggest that E171 and similar chemicals can negatively impact bowel and liver function in humans.

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