The walls are a soft gray. The aromas are fruity and sweet. Accents of wood, baskets of fresh fruit, unique overhead lighting, and succulents catch your eye. You feel calm and comfortable. You are welcomed by a friendly smile, and kindly reminded that we are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of various ingredients. This is reassuring, as you may be unfamiliar with some of the ingredients. You are intrigued by the beautiful colors of the smoothies and smoothie bowls people are enjoying around you. You are impressed by the sweet treats offered as they contain no artificial ingredients, added sugar, dairy or gluten. You reach into the cooler to pick up your pre-paid online order, and decide to purchase the last slice of raw vegan chocolate cake. You are pleased with the flavors, you learned something new about how to promote good health, you are pleased with the service, and you look forward to returning for more.

Welcome to Bare! We pride ourselves on our love for sharing healthy plant based smoothies, smoothie bowls, unique healthy to-go breakfast options including overnight oats and chia parfaits, raw vegan sweets and treats and more! Our mission is to restore, refresh and revive the community by encouraging a return to our roots: by celebrating local produce, plant-based products and one another. What sets us apart from others? We are eco-friendly, provide you with macronutrient information, only serve plant-based products, provide you with nutrition education workshops, and can help you give back to your community.

Eco-Friendly: We locally source as many ingredients as we can, utilize eco friendly containers, and donate our "food waste" to local farms. We retail reusable cups, straws and bags so you can take saving-the-planet one step further.

Nutrition Information and Education: Located at the bottom of our menu page is a link to provide you with macronutrient information for all of our products. We will be hosting nutrition education classes, plant based meal prep and cooking classes, and more! Being that one of our partners pursued a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Public Health, you can trust that the information we provide you with is accurate and up to date. For more information about our events click here!

Giving Back: Spreading our love for promoting a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond our doors. We will be partnering with local charities and organizations to help serve our community. 10% of all profits from merchandise will be donated to organizations such as the Whole Kids Foundation to help promote nutrition education for teachers, and the addition of healthy meal options at local schools. More details coming soon!

We welcome all of you with open arms, and are looking forward to serving you and the rest of our community.