Celebrate Summer with BARE

BARE's summer flavors have arrived and will be here all summer long. From now until August 31st look forward to enjoying delicious new blends designed to mimic classic ice cream and milkshake flavors.

All blends are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and made with all natural ingredients. Say hello to healthy choices without having to say goodbye to guilty pleasures this summer. Order yours today!


Banana Split Bowl

Enjoy BARE's healthy take on a classic sundae. Our Banana Split Bowl is made with strawberries, bananas, almond milk, vegan vanilla protein, walnuts, BARE Keto granola, and a house made vegan chocolate sauce. Enjoy this 100% grain free bowl. Order here.


Brownie Batter Bowl

Love chocolate? Then our healthy version of traditional fudge brownie ice cream is for you. Our Brownie Batter Bowl is made with cauliflower, banana, carob chips, cacao, vegan chocolate protein, oat milk, strawberries, and raw vegan brownie bites made in house. Substitute almond milk for oat milk to make it completely grain free. Order here.


Mint Chip Bowl

A hot summer day always calls for something refreshing and delicious. Enjoy our healthy take on this classic made with banana, spinach, fresh mint, cacao nibs, almond milk, vegan vanilla protein, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, and everyones favorite chocolate probiotic granola. Delicious, nutritious, refreshing and satisfying. Order here.


Milkshake Themed Smoothies

All new smoothies are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and made with all natural ingredients. All smoothies are under 250 calories and contain 15g of plant based protein. Read the ingredients in each smoothie below and order here!

Vanilla Dream: Banana, vanilla, soy milk

Strawberry Swirl: Strawberries, strawberry protein, almond milk

Mud Slide: Cauliflower, cacao powder, chocolate protein, oat milk, house made vegan chocolate sauce

Pistachio Crunch: Banana, avocado, spinach, pistachios, dates, vanilla protein, soy milk.