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Did you know that snacking on fruit at night is less likely to interfere with sleep than when consuming those processed goodies we all like to indulge in before bed? That’s right! A study published by the NIH confirmed that participants were more likely to stay awake at night when they consumed cookies, ice cream and baked goods before bed than when they consumed fruits, particularly berries. Researchers also suggest that consuming fruits such as cherries can actually help you fall asleep more quickly. Not all sugar is created equally. Learn to fuel your body with the best❤️ #bareblends #smoothiebowl #nutrition #healthyfood #vegan #glutenfree

Who’s excited for a new Tuesday special blend!? We know we are. Come on by tomorrow and try our Almond Joy bowl. Packed with loads of healthy fats, it’s the perfect way to fuel your day. See you tomorrow!❤️ #bareblends #vegan #glutenfree #smoothiebowls

How did you fuel your busy Monday? Stay tuned for our new bowl special flavor soon to be announced in our instastory! #bareblends #vegan #glutenfree #healthyfood #foodart

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