Make your mouth water @Bare_Blends

Our hearts are breaking at current events. Helping our community improve is the foundation on which our brand was built. Spreading love, positivity and improving the health and wellness of our customers is what we stand for. Our customers, like our bowls are all equal in value no matter their color. We are with you and will continue to spread nothing but love and kindness. It’s time for change. ❤️

We are so glad to see so many of our Friday morning regulars placing orders the night before an early morning pick up just like they used to❤️! There is hope that we will return to normalcy after all. Slowly but surely we will get through this. See you tomorrow from 8am-5pm fam. We ❤️ you! #518strong

Our new and improved overnight oat blends launch June 1st! All oats will now be made with chia and flax seeds for an extra dose of healthy fats. Stay tuned for how we’ll be upping our oat game by subscribing to our newsletter or staying up to date with us on social. #wecantwaittoshare Also, peep the new accent wall in the background!! 🤗

  • Monday: 7am7pm
  • Tuesday: 7am7pm
  • Wednesday: 7am7pm
  • Thursday: 7am7pm
  • Friday: 7am7pm
  • Saturday: 8am3pm
  • Sunday: 8am3pm