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How did you fuel your busy Monday? Enjoy fresh fruits, veggies and a variety of superfoods at BARE. #bareblends #vegan #glutenfree #healthy #smoothiebowl

*GIVEAWAY* ‘Tis the season for giving and spreading holiday cheer, and you bet we’re ready to share the love with you! This month we’re here to spice things up for you by rotating off menu holiday specials each week. This time we’ll be giving away TWO bowls each week starting next Monday, and wanted to give you a little extra time to enter our giveaway this time around. Our flavor of the week debuting next Tuesday will be our gingerbread bowl! To enter to win all you have to do is: 1. Like this picture 2. Tag 4 friends you would like to share our holiday flavors with 3. Tell us what you love the most about the holiday season The winner will be chosen Sunday at midnight! Good luck! #bareblends #baregiveaway #healthyfood #vegan #glutenfree #nutrition

Only 3 hours left to try one of these delicious savory gluten free vegan waffles! This week we have a warm savory avocado toast waffle topped with miso tahini spread, nori sesame seed crumble and garnished with fresh scallions and dill. Order in store or online! See you soon 🤗 #bareblends #bare #vegan #glutenfree #healthyeats

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