Seasonal Menu


At BARE, we are on a mission to make nutritious food taste delicious. Our summer menu is inspired by popular summer favorites like ice cream themed smoothie bowls and milk shake themed smoothies. This seasonal menu is packed full of tasty treats that are loaded with superfoods and nutrients to fuel you and hydrate you all summer long.

We also have a Thursday Thursday promotion happening with our juice and mixers so stop by every Thursday this season to grab yours!

  • Banana Split Bowl: A strawberry and banana delight that has been everyone’s favorite summer menu item year over year. The banana is served split on top of a strawberry vanilla flavored base. The chocolate agave mimics fudge.
  • Brownie Batter Bowl: This flavor is packed with fiber, protein and is topped with house made brownie bites. Chocolatey, delicious and made with decadent almond butter.
  • Crumbs Along The Mohawk Bowl: This bowl is made to mimic the popular Stewart's ice cream flavor. It has a sweet cinnamon taste and is packed with veggies.
  • Mint Chip Bowl: This green bowl is sweet with a slight mint flavor. Contains veggies and chocolate granola for a chocolatey/minty summer fix and a ton of nutrients.
  • New! Paradise Piña Colada Bowl: This bowl is enhanced with our NEW Mango cashew cream- it's tropical, sweet and delicious.
  • Cafe Mocha Mudslide Smoothie: This is a very healthy and veggie-packed chocolate treat that isn’t super sweet and has just the right hint of coffee and chocolate!
  • Cookies & Cream Smoothie: Tastes like a cookies and cream shake - it's that good.
  • Paradise Pineapple: Our new summer smoothie flavor this year is fruity and delicious- made with our new mango cashew cream. It has a tropical flavor and a creamy consistency.
  • Vanilla Dream Smoothie: Everyone’s favorite summer time smoothie. Sweet with a hint of vanilla!

Anyone committed to making healthy decisions for their body or living with dietary restrictions can now enjoy all the flavors of summer with BARE. Exclusively vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free.

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