Seasonal Menu


At BARE, we are on a mission to make nutritious food taste delicious. Our Resolutions Menu takes that a step further by helping you hit your goals in the New Year. This Resolutions menu is only available for January and February in 2024 and is loaded with items designed to help you crush whatever goals you have set for yourself this year.

  • Resolutions Menu items designed to fuel your workouts and recovery with low carb and high protein are the Gym Crush or Sweet Strawberry Smoothies or Chocolate Fix and Nutrition Nut Smoothie Bowl.
  • Resolutions Menu items designed to help you get more nutrients are our Ruby Refresher Smoothie and Acai Power Berry Smoothie Bowl.
  • Resolutions Menu items help you meet other goals like the Gut Glow Smoothie which packs 30% of your daily fiber or the Tropical Breeze Smoothie Bowl that is completely grain-free and loaded with antioxidants.

As always, our menu is packed with superfoods and nutrients to keep you healthy all winter long. Anyone committed to making healthy decisions for their body or meeting certain goals while living with dietary restrictions can eat happily at BARE.

Exclusively vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free.

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