The China Study states that fiber is essential to maintain good health. Conusming a diet high in fiber is key to avoiding constipation based disease (large, bowl cancer, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids) because fiber acts as a catalyst that moves water along in the body. In addition, dietary fiber is only found in plant foods because the cell wall of plants is broken down into small carbohydrate molecules that are not fully digested. Therefore, fiber creates a sense of fullness and minimizes the overconsumption of calories. In terms of Iron intake, there is no impaired iron absorption in the blood. In fact, iron in the blood increases with higher fiber diets. Overall it is necessary to consume fiber to decrease the risk of large bowl cancers. It is advised based on research from the China Study that it is recommended to consume about 33 grams of fiber a day. From overnight oats to immunity juice BARE Blends has a long list of fibrous foods to choose from to fuel your body.


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