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BARE Blends Sarasota is NOW Open!

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of BARE Blends in the vibrant city of Sarasota! Located at 1445 2nd St. Sarasota, FL 34236, this new juice bar is set to revolutionize the health and wellness scene in the area. At BARE Blends, we believe that nourishing your body with wholesome and delicious food should be an enjoyable experience.

Our menu showcases a wide variety of options to cater to all dietary preferences. Whether you're just trying to live a healthier life or you have dietary restrictions like vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free or dairy-free, etc – we've got you covered. Indulge in our signature acai bowls bursting with antioxidants and topped with an array of fresh fruits and superfood toppings. Sip on our refreshing smoothies made from carefully selected ingredients that are designed to energize and revitalize your body. Our chow down on our plant-based and nutrient dense salads.

If you're looking for a refreshing drink on-the-go or need an extra boost of vitamins and nutrients throughout your day – our selection of fresh juices will surely satisfy your cravings. Made from locally sourced produce whenever possible and prepared with precision by our skilled team members.

At BARE Blends we understand the importance of supporting local businesses. That's why we take pride in being woman owned and operated. Our team is passionate about creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

Not only do we prioritize healthy living but also sustainable practices. We are committed to being eco-friendly by using biodegradable packaging materials as well as implementing composting programs within our locations.

We invite you to visit us at BARE Blends in Sarasota for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling nourished from the inside out. For more information about our menu offerings or any inquiries you may have regarding our food please contact us at 941-487-8456. You can also start sampling all the flavors we have to savor by clicking here and ordering online.

Thank you for your support as we embark on this exciting journey together. We look forward to serving you and being a part of the health and wellness community in Sarasota, FL for many years to come.