Catering to Cancer Survivors

To Life! located in Delmar NY, is an organization that provides support services for individuals affected by breast cancer. To Life! invited BARE Blends in Glenmont to be part of their recent company gathering. We were honored to provide healthy eats to those working or receiving services and support from the talented To Life! team. Understanding the specific dietary requirements of cancer survivors, we made sure that our food offerings were tailored to their needs. By focusing on plant-based and gluten-free options, BARE provided nourishment that would support their well-being during their journey towards recovery.

The To Life! office party, organized in collaboration with BARE Blends Glenmont was a true celebration of health and community. Through our delicious smoothies (pink of course and packed with strawberries), acai bowls, salads, and other vegan and gluten-free options, we were able to contribute toward creating an environment where nutritious food played a central role in fostering well-being. It was heartwarming to witness how something as simple as healthy food could bring joy and nourishment to both employees and cancer survivors alike. This experience further solidified our belief in the power of food as a tool for healing and connecting individuals on their journey towards optimal health.

BARE specializes in corporate catering, private special events and more. We can do food in any color using natural ingredients from the earth so our menu can fit your theme! Contact us to learn more about having BARE at your next event and be sure to stop by BARE Blends Glenmont today!