How to Love and Take Care of Yourself

Show yourself some love this February...

Are you still deciding on the perfect goal for this new year? Consider making it your resolution to love yourself more and take better care of your health and wellbeing. People often forget the importance of self-care. At BARE Blends, we want to help you find little ways to honor yourself this month and show yourself some love for Valentine's Day. Satisfy cravings with healthy treats, fuel your body with superfoods and more thanks to your friends at BARE! Stop by and grab the goodies for yourself all month long!


Eat Healthy

The best way you can care for your body and show it some appreciation is to eat healthy. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or ordering fast food for the second time in a day, consider giving your body something healthy and delicious so that it can stock up on the nutrients it needs. One great way to do that is to stop by BARE Blends! We offer an expansive menu filled with superfoods, vegan options, gluten-free options, and more. Visit one of our many locations to place an order and start eating right!


Move Your Body

Eating healthy is a great first step, but if you really want to go the extra mile, it’s also a good idea to take some time to move your body a few times a day. We’re not saying that you need to do an intense workout every day, but getting up every hour or so to take a walk around the block, dance around your room, or even do a couple yoga poses could make a huge difference!



Eating right and moving around are both good practices for your body, but it’s also important to show your mind a little love and appreciation. That’s where meditation can help! Meditation can help you learn to be more mindful and live in the present moment, as well as provide you with some relaxation and stress-relief. With enough practice, you may even find that you feel more centered and happier with who you are.

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Practice Gratitude

It’s important to be grateful for the things that we have in life, but that’s often easier said than done. For this reason, we recommend trying to practice a little gratitude in your everyday life. This can be as simple as waking up in the morning and feeling grateful that you have a fridge full of food or that you got a good night’s sleep. The great thing about practicing gratitude is that with enough practice, it can help you appreciate all the little things in life that make you happy.

appreciate what you have

Take some time to love and care for yourself this Valentine's Day, and start by getting a delicious smoothie or bowl from BARE Blends! Stop by one of our many locations or explore our website to view our menu now!

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